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Matt DiFebo Launches Collegiate Ticket Sales and Strategic Revenue Consulting Business
Matt DiFebo, the nation’s leading collegiate ticket sales expert, announces new firm; retains UCF Athletics as client

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- (www.difebocompany.com) - The DiFebo Company, LLC, today announced plans to bring to market a new strategic consulting firm focusing on several areas of collegiate athletic ticket sales and revenue generation.

Matt DiFebo, one of the nation’s most respected leaders in collegiate ticket sales is leading the new company. Building on his successful ticket sales model at UCF, the new company is quickly adding to its roster of clients which include major universities from several conferences including athletic programs in the Big Ten and Sun Belt Conferences. Conference USA affiliated UCF will retain DiFebo as a consultant.

“Matt is a natural entrepreneur and pioneer in our industry. He is a young man who is way ahead of his time and has created a lot of buzz around selling tickets on a college campus. We’ve been fortunate to have him on our staff; we support Matt with his new endeavor and look forward to our new partnership as he will remain involved with UCF Athletics as a friend and consultant,” said UCF Director of Athletics, Keith Tribble.

With its new strategic offering and specialization in ticket sales program start-ups, The DiFebo Company, LLC will work with collegiate athletic departments to fully develop and implement ticket sales, fundraising and retention initiatives designed to maximize revenue. The firm will also provide comprehensive sales training, staffing solutions, tactical program management, tracking performance metrics, and offer innovative telephony and technologies that are not yet widely adopted by the sport industry.

“My vision when I accepted a position at UCF, over four years ago, was to build the model collegiate ticket sales program. We’ve shown that a proactive ticket sales model can work in a collegiate environment, operate efficiently, and generate significant revenue.” DiFebo added, “College athletic departments throughout the nation are facing very real revenue and budget challenges. We will offer practical solutions, both in-house and outsourced options, to help those schools maximize revenues and still be fiscally responsible.”

DiFebo has met the challenges of creating a revenue generating program in collegiate athletics. In just over four years, he has increased football ticket sales revenue in four consecutive seasons. His department has contributed to fundraising initiatives, premium seat sales, group sales and ticket sales for other revenue sports. DiFebo’s systematic efforts grew the football fan base to over 23,000 season tickets at its peak in 2007 and now generate more than $4.5 million annually in ticket revenue than when he first arrived in 2005. Under his direction, the ticket sales department has generated nearly $3 million in additional fundraising dollars. He has also placed an emphasis on providing a high level of customer service and personalized attention to season ticket holders and donors.

DiFebo’s visionary efforts and strong background in ticket sales program start-ups, has more than 10 years experience and offers a unique perspective with developing ticket sales models and call center operations. He has built successful ticket sales programs in Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and, most notably, with several college programs.

The DiFebo Company, LLC has provided consulting services with the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL to build an in-house ticket sales model that has since doubled their basketball ticket revenue and season ticket base, generated $200,000 in fundraising contributions, and sold nearly 8,000 season tickets leading into its inaugural football season. Recently retired South Alabama Athletic Director, Joe Gottfried said, “Investing in Matt’s expertise and building an in-house ticket sales department was the best investment that I made in 25 years as an Athletic Director.”

The DiFebo Company, LLC ( http://www.difebocompany.com) is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Matt DiFebo, Principal and owner of The DiFebo Company, has expertise in professional and collegiate sports industry related sales and service, sales training, writing and public speaking. Matt works with senior executives, athletic and university administrators to conduct exploratory assessments and implementation of sales programs. He also works with sales teams to help improve their sales skills, implement strategy, customer retention, and customer service to maximize revenue and success. Matt has also authored several industry related articles for publication and has been a frequent speaker at Ticketmaster conferences, NACMA, CABMA and several other national conferences on the subject of ticket sales. He can be reached at (407) 921-2212 and matt@difebocompany.com

CONTACT: Matt DiFebo, +1-407-921-2212 (phone), +1-888-481-6809 (fax), matt@difebocompany.com


June 8, 2010
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June 19-25, 2010
2010 NACDA & Affiliates Convention Week, Anaheim, CA

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